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FRP Panel with Liner

Fiberglass Reinforced Panels or Fiber Reinforced Plastic more commonly abbreviated and known as FRP is a composite material comprised of carbon fiber reinforced polymers (CFRP). Traditionally, FRP has been utilized within the civil, aerospace, and automotive industries for applications requiring high strength-to-weight ratios and rigidity. This lightweight and durable material is unlike traditional building materials in that it provides the perfect balance between cost-effectiveness, durability, and customization.

RCC Pools

RCC (Concrete) swimming pools have some Better over other types pools. It’s not that different types of pools aren’t a better choice in some situations. Thus, gunite/ concrete pools do offer a few more features.

Infinity Edge Pools

What is the difference between an infinity edge and a negative edge pool?
There are no differences between the two terms, and both are considered interchangeable. They're also known as negative or vanishing edge pools, and all of them give the illusion that the pool extends into the horizon, or has no discernable edges.

Glass Pools

What are glass pools called?
This modern design element is highly desirable for great reasons. Acrylic swimming pools are also known as glass pools that look like aquariums. Acrylic pools and swimming pools with acrylic walls or windows are very popular in swimming pool design trends right now.

Prefabricated swimming pool in Pune

Roof Top

One thing that can make a rooftop bar, or any rooftop venue, even better is a lovely swimming pool - a pool on a rooftop. With a swimming pool, the top floor terraces turns into a rooftop resort: great for relaxing hours and refreshing swims under the sun during daytime, as well as dinner, drinks and views at night.

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